“We have always seen TransCoal as part of our business rather than a service provider. We rely on its team to manage the logistics activities for all our exports which equates to a significant 13 million tonnes per annum.

In my view TransCoal stands alone in the industry due to its intricate knowledge of supply chain operations and access to Australia’s major coal ports teamed with an ability to assess and forecast risks and opportunities in the logistics space. Not only does the team provide seamless support and significant savings for a reasonable cost, they are always incredibly responsive and supportive to work with.

We very rarely have any logistics issues arise because TransCoal is so competent at what they do. Quite simply, our business wouldn’t run as smoothly or effectively without them.”

Greg Chalmers
CEO Jellinbah Resources

“TransCoal oversees most of our stockpile and train logistics arrangements from the Minerva Coal Mine to the Port of Gladstone and the team continually performs at an exceptional level. I rank them extremely highly in my value chain because of the consistency of their services and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will get the quality right for each shipment.

The way TransCoal proactively manages the logistics chain to optimise the amount and quality of coal we get to port is truly impressive. In my opinion, there’s no other provider in our market that provides such valuable logistics support at such a reasonable cost.”

Cameron Vorias
CEO Sojitz Coal Mining

“I liaise regularly with the friendly TransCoal team to check on cargo availability and the itinerary of my customer’s vessels and find their responses to be faultlessly quick and accurate.

TransCoal is also skilled at raising potential issues based on their experience and professional knowledge which has been valuable to us. I am extremely happy with the performance of the TransCoal team and highly recommend their services to other coal producers.”

Shuhei (Tommy) Tomiyama
General Manager, Trading Marubeni Coal Pty Ltd

“TransCoal provide highly effective logistics solutions, managing the supply chain from pit to port, ensuring Isaac Plains’ requirements are satisfied efficiently and economically. Their 24/7 service is carried out professionally and with a high degree of confidentiality, consistently delivering positive outcomes.”

Brent Gee
CHPP and Logistics Superintendent Isaac Plains Coal Management Pty Ltd

“TransCoal provides a simple, efficient and cost effective way of managing despatch/demurrage.”

Michele Runnegar
Logistics & Sales Planning Manager, Macarthur Coal (C & M Management) Pty Ltd

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