TransCoal offers a sought after international management service ( for processing laytime calculations and managing the despatch/demurrage requirements of importers and exporters across multiple commodities.

TransCoal began offering despatch/demurrage management services in 1999 in response to the increasing complexity and costs of managing such requirements ‘in house’. TransCoal has since managed the entire despatch/demurrage functions for 27 major coal mines in Queensland and New South Wales through the ports of Newcastle, Gladstone, Brisbane, Dalrymple Bay and Abbot Point, representing more than 495 million tonnes.

TransCoal offers an unrivalled despatch/demurrage service, with clients benefiting from its experience dealing with major ports across the world and an unparalleled knowledge of port protocols.

TransCoal offers the following despatch/demurrage services:

  • Preparation / checking laytime Statements from Charter Party or Sales Agreements
  • Summarising contract loading / unloading conditions
  • Liasing with counterparties for agreement of calculations
  • Recording transactions
  • Providing professional monthly reports and historical data for management and accounting    purposes
  • Settlement of transactions


The financial reward paid by the vessel owner to charterer if the discharge operations are completed in advance of the laytime expiring.


Financial compensation paid by charterer to the vessel owner for delays after the laytime has expired at the discharge port.

Why clients outsource their despatch/demurrage services

  • Significant time and cost savings resulting from centralising calculations and settlements and    avoiding the duplication of resources in each marketing department. This is particularly helpful    during instances of joint shipments of multiple coals on one vessel which can be cumbersome to    manage in house.
  • TransCoal’s extensive experience and the level of its involvement in the negotiations and    interpretations of the charter parties help them to maximise the position of their clients when    arguing points of contract. TransCoal is also experienced in managing despatch/demurrage across    multiple commodities, including coal, timber, pot ash, iron ore, fertilisers, grains and many other    commodities.
  • A consistent and accurate interpretation of loading terms which can result in thousands of dollars in    savings. TransCoal also uses a specifically designed database for complex recording, invoicing and    monthly reporting purposes which includes a Net Des/Dem $/tonne Key Performance Indicator,    important for gauging port efficiency.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing calculation or payment lags will be avoided.    Approximately 80% of Despatch/Demurrage is confirmed or settled by TransCoal within three    months of the Bill of Lading Date.


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