TransCoal is a unique logistics management and marketing support business respected by the mining industry internationally for its track record in delivering efficient and cost effective logistics services in coal and minerals.

TransCoal was established by Faith Dempsey in 1999 to correct inefficiencies in the existing logistics model resulting in unnecessary transport and operational costs to mining organisations. Faith launched TransCoal as a viable logistics alternative offering a centralised, affordable way to manage product quality and deliver coal for exporting through train loading facilities, railways and ports.

Today TransCoal is a valued logistics partner to many leading mining companies and is responsible for the export of more than 30 million tonnes of coal per annum through the ports of Abbot Point, Dalrymple Bay and Gladstone.

TransCoal are master planners down to Day of Operations and provide around the clock support to model and manage all facets of the coal supply chain from mine to port, incorporating daily coal production, washplants, ROM, Product and Loadout stockpiles, train schedules, port stockpiles, shipping, coal quality and reporting for mine sites and marketing personnel.

Why Coal Producers Choose TransCoal

We save our clients time and money

Logistics management is a critical function within the coal supply chain. We have delivered millions of dollars in logistics savings throughout the entire supply chain by eliminating the duplication of resources and optimising the use of existing infrastructure while retaining stringent quality management.

Traditionally coal producers are broken into departments responsible for one section of the coal chain. This can result in up to 30 stakeholders being involved in a coal chain’s daily functions which can result in errors and delayed responses to buyer and stakeholder requests.

TransCoal offers an alternative by consolidating these functions and centralising the responsibility for the whole logistical chain. By adopting a ‘whole-of-corridor approach’, we redirect transport resources to meet the varying productivity levels of our clients. Many of our clients also benefit from the unparalleled stockpile access we can offer to Gladstone port. This can have the added benefit of reducing the variability of rail requirements which can result in eligibility for various rebates.

Our clients need only one contact point to schedule their rail and shipping requirements and stockpile management. This helps free up mining organisations to focus on their core business – producing coal.

We have an unrivalled knowledge of Queensland's coal ports

There is no other group with the same access to Australian port protocols, as we know many of them from the inside out after playing an integral role in their development. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience gained through operating out of every coal port in Queensland and our intricate knowledge of each supply chain.

We are always looking ahead to identify logistics opportunities and risks

We partner with coal producers three to five months before the vessel arrives to model, plan and implement the timely delivery of coal from minesites to ports using their truck, rail, port and Coal Sales agreements. This is updated with the ‘actual’ daily production which details the forward position of coal stocks and allows us to proactively avoid logistical constraints and identify opportunities to capitalise on and risks to address ahead of time. In some cases, our reporting and planning influences the mining strategies of our clients at each level of the supply chain.

TransCoal communicates directly with the international market for shipping stems and can therefore maximise its client’s coal flows with intuitive ship scheduling while dovetailing it with the peaks and troughs of production. This ensures ships are arriving at an optimal time to ensure product stockpiles are turning over.

No firm knows the logistics space like we do

We are known in the industry for our extensive experience in managing all facets of the coal chain. Our team consists of industry leaders in the logistics space who bring to the table a unique blend of skills from having past experience in every part of the supply chain.

Our clients choose to work with us over the long-term

The vast majority of our clients have chosen to work with us on a repeat basis become of the value we have delivered.

We can manage the entire logistics function or offer a customised service

We are responsible for strategic planning, tactical and operational support for the majority of our clients. We also offer tailored services and flexible coverage for long or short-term appointments – long service leave, prolonged sick leave, workload peaks.

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